Timely prizes

Here's something fun that I feel like I should have heard about before now, what with following science news and all that.

The Center for Communicating Science has an annual challenge to (surprise!) communicate a scientific subject—in a way that an 11-year-old will understand. Which means no university level math. Obviously, my posts here are not even close to what they're looking for, since I assume at least high school chemistry, most of the time, and I like including math.

One of the two winners is a canadian PhD student in chemistry and, from the look of his videos, an all-around goof. I certainly got a few laughs out of his video, and I thought his explanation was the clearest I've ever heard.

Even better, this isn't a one-off thing; same as the other winner, he puts a lot of energy into science outreach. He has a growing collection of videos starting with "why is the sky blue?".

And since I'm a chemical engineer, I'm even happier that he's working on explaining chemistry too. Because chemistry isn't scary! (Some chemicals need to be handled with great care, but that's a separate issue.)

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