I've been busy lately so I haven't had time to put together any good posts. In the interim, here's some interesting reading. The first sentence describes me perfectly, but then I'm one of the group named in it as well: "It’s the number one pet peeve of just about every chemical professional I talk to: why is ‘chemical’ such a dirty word in the minds of so many people?"

Even people who have some interest in chemistry can fall prey to this. I was talking to a friend (who does have an interest in chemistry) recently and this came up, and he pulled out a few of the classics about synthesized things not being tested "enough" (even though it's been my experience that for many chemophobes there is never a level that will be "enough") using "unnatural" or "chemical" as a loose synonym for dangerous—acknowledging immediately when I pointed out that there are plenty of natural poisons, because he does know more than a little about chemistry, BUT...

It's easier to argue with strangers about this, than with friends; at least I find it so. It sucks when friends hit your pet peeves, and it's easier to walk away from strangers who do the same.

Not chemistry

Ok, this isn't chemistry, or engineering, but I think it's pretty cool.

Archaeologists found king Richard III, for real. The location and battle wounds and twisted spine were excellent clues, but the DNA test comparing the skeleton to two people descended from his sister confirmed it.

DNA testing is chemistry-related, right? Ok, this post is chemistry related after all :-)