Don't look under the hard hat

One morning, my co-worker picked up a hard hat off a chair in the site office trailer. This would normally have been a perfectly normal thing but on this day, there was a tarantula hiding in the cozy, dark, and air-conditioned cool place it had found overnight.

After a bit of surprised dancing, the tarantula was left alone. They're pretty mellow and not dangerous, and besides, we had to get to work outside in the hot.

A while later when we went back into the office, the tarantula was on the ceiling. With a hard hat minus its harness, we got the tarantula into the hard hat to put it outside. After, of course, my co-worker asked for a photo of himself with the tarantula.

The tarantulas, as scary as they look, weren't the scary ones in that area. It was the sort of place where you banged your boots around a few times before putting them on in the morning to make sure nothing had taken refuge inside.

I never had anything inside my boots, but one morning I did wake up to a scorpion on my pants.

I wasn't wearing them at the time, having just got out of bed, and fortunately for me I spotted it before picking them up. That could have been a nasty surprise.

Instead of getting stung and poisoned, I fetched a glass and a piece of cardboard and trapped it. Then I recruited my co-worker to put his boots on (after making sure nothing was hiding inside) and dumped the scorpion on the driveway for the co-worker to stomp flat.

Yeah, two vastly different responses to creepy-crawlies. Tarantulas are pretty cool.

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